Fast Home Heating Repairs, Service and Installation in Doylestown PA

When you need heat, you depend on the performance of your heating system. Keeping your heating system in its original peak performance condition, year after year, demands preventative maintenance and small repairs, as well as operational changes that can be made without extensive costs. However, if you’re looking to upgrade, or replace your existing heating system for your Doylestown PA home, Johnston’s Mechanical Services performs a free in home evaluation.  We will recommend the best, most energy efficient system for your needs and budget.


Here are some of the areas that Johnston's Mechanical Services will evaluate and maintain on a regular basis:


*Clean air filters and heating coils to maximize the energy

 efficiency of your heat pump system.


*Check water levels of hydronic heating systems, including

 draining of expansion tanks, if necessary, and purging air.


*Clean heat exchanger and chimney “breach” of oil, and

 gas fired systems.


*Provide combustion analysis and current operating



*Replace nozzles and filters on all oil fired systems



*Lubricate all “non-sealed” electric motors, and water



*Check all wire connections and operating voltages.